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Ok, that's it...I'm fully embracing my weird. Who the fuck cares anyway? One thing this pandemic has taught me is that I have to prioritize relationships with people I choose to hang out with, and I CHOOSE to converse with people who have a variety of perspectives and opinions. I don't want to just look in a mirror all the time. I want to learn and to grow!  So, I've always felt that one of my gifts is being vulnerable. When I was younger, I loved embarrassing myself to make my friends laugh. While getting my Master's degree in Transformative Leadership, I learned about how creating relationships with people and transforming WITH them, builds trust...How creating connections helps you understand their ideas through a supportive lens - wanting each other to succeed...How we can focus on our similarities rather than our differences to craft a collective vision of a better world.  How did we get so divided? It seems like more and more, people are polarizing. While it&#

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