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Home Circus Life in a Day OK this is going to sound crazy, but that’s kind of the point. I believe that you can do All The Things as long as you organize it. I try to learn things that are the most complicate and overwhelming so I can prove that anyone can learn anything: I’ve always led an interesting life-path, and when COVID-19 hit, it got even weirder! I discovered I loved learning through videos, and am obsessed with learning all the things about becoming a self-sustaining homestead. Since March 6th, my software architect boyfriend and I have been Shut-Ins; We leave the house as little as possible and try to bring as little as possible into the house. We’re crazy, but in the way that really smart, informed-people are crazy. This means pivoting all efforts online, and attempting to make videos all along the way. I’ve shot videos of mainly aerial instruction (because every platform says to niche down), but also of gardening, preserving, fertilizing, pest control, online marketing, s

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