Ok, that's it...I'm fully embracing my weird. Who the fuck cares anyway? One thing this pandemic has taught me is that I have to prioritize relationships with people I choose to hang out with, and I CHOOSE to converse with people who have a variety of perspectives and opinions. I don't want to just look in a mirror all the time. I want to learn and to grow! 

So, I've always felt that one of my gifts is being vulnerable. When I was younger, I loved embarrassing myself to make my friends laugh. While getting my Master's degree in Transformative Leadership, I learned about how creating relationships with people and transforming WITH them, builds trust...How creating connections helps you understand their ideas through a supportive lens - wanting each other to succeed...How we can focus on our similarities rather than our differences to craft a collective vision of a better world. 

How did we get so divided? It seems like more and more, people are polarizing. While it's good that people have taken this time alone to clarify their core values and opinions, the polarizing trend usually ends dramatically... And I'm not sure I can take any more drama! Fuuuuuck right?! 

So hear me out on this, I have an idea based on: 

The problem is collective (integral / everyone / all the people of the human species) - so the answer has to be collective (integral.....all the people, yes you too)

One of the main tools, for solving the problem, is testing, so how can we do testing on a COLLECTIVE level?! 

Pod testing!! 

So here's how it works: let's say you have a core group of friends, or live with your family...You get a group test of all of you - maybe we do groups of 10. Then think about it, that means that if a certain health agency had 334 tests, they could multiply that x10 and test 3,340 people. Don't have enough tests? - Add a zero! Maybe still not enough, but that's a heck of a lot better! 

If we do pod testing, and then also keep track of who we are in contact with (6 ft or less for at least 15 mins), then the health departments can actually have a chance at understanding which communities need to close down and which ones don't. 

Everyone is so upset about their liberties, but it's the rampant selfishness that is delaying all of these liberties from coming back! 

Maybe let's just set a date...a 10-14 day STAYCATION to SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD

hahaha, I mean but, right?! I might be crazy, but I just have to speak out now...not like anyone reads this anyway! LOL

But if you had the choice, which would you choose: 

A) Try to go back to life as usual, and yo-yo between quarantines, mask-wearing, and fear for the rest of your life.


B) Take 10-14 days more where we all PINKY PROMISE to stay the fuck away from each other, and get to actually resume real life within 6-12 months. 



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