Leadership Styles

There are different types of leadership, and the reason it’s important is because you internalize leadership styles and create a mirrored dynamic with yourself. Freud would call this the superego. 

  1. Iron fist leadership - uses fear and intimidation to lead. This is the oldest form of leadership and the least effective. This top-down style aims to control others and create conformity. 

  2. Manipulative Leadership - the weaker parties to the iron fist leadership figured out how they could use their brains and not just braun to get their way. This type of leadership uses guilt trips and is sadly often the go-to for moms. 

Both of the above use either fear of punishment or desire for reward to achieve their goals. 

But a third type of leadership is starting to become more popular because it is the most effective. It’s been around forever, but is finally now becoming more main-stream and even being used in corporations.  

  1. Inspirational Leadership - rather than telling someone what to do, inspire them. Be the best version of yourself - self-motivation. Set an example. Allow people to do what their best at. Celebrate individuality and creativity. In this type of leadership, the leader evolves with the group and creates authentic relationships by being vulnerable and honest. Create partnerships, network, support one another and celebrate in one another’s victories. 

So just like how we internalize the leadership styles around us, we can also externalize the leadership styles within us. So if you create a dynamic of inspirational leadership with yourself, you will start seeing that reflected in ever-expanding circles of influence around you.


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