I'll be here

For all my friends who are needing time to cocoon-up right now, I want you to know you are not alone. I am not one of those friends who needs you to consistently communicate in order to stay friends. You can take your time, process however you need to, and I will be here when you’re ready.

I am hearing from a lot of people, there is a collective-overwhelm. Since more of our communication has to be online, it can be extremely draining, and we can feel bombarded with information. Sometimes I feel frazzled at the end of the day and even though I was working on so many things, I don’t feel like I got anything done. What helps me stay optimistic is taking breaks to play, get in the dirt in the garden, often even just taking a few deep breaths and giving myself some time to organize, and prioritize. It sucks because life was hard enough to plan for, and now on top of everything we add worry about food supply and how to start a garden, sanitizing groceries, and face masks. I feel the best when I don’t even leave the house, because when I do, I feel this paranoia creep up and I wash everything. And that’s the other confusing part – we don’t know how paranoid or cautious we should be…Don’t know how we should feel…Many of us, like me started feeling one way about it and then saw our own opinions change – like we can’t even trust ourselves anymore. Well what if we get rid of should-ing all over each other and ourselves? LOL There is no set way you should feel or think because this has never happened before. Allow all the feelings that are present to be present without trying to direct them. Let yourself change your mind, change your goals, change your habits. Your identity is not a set thing either, and we have this gift of freedom to decide in each moment, who we want to be. Well I want to be there for all of you, like in person, and I can’t, so I write and I create, and I play. I’m going to be doing all the aerial hammock tricks on my @MovementShapesAndStuff Instagram, so you can go there if you want some stress-free opinion-free zone. Below is the list of tricks I used to teach from – in roughly easiest to hardest order. The ones at the end are like for people doing aerial for years, and the ones at the beginning are my go-tos for bachelorette parties where I’m questioning if they went to brunch first and had a few mimosas LOL. Hey, at least I entertain myself!

Let me know if I missed any!

Mermaid tail

Floating down dog

Cupid’s bow

Inverted pigeon (opt doubles)



Superhero cape kickback

Partner chair - shooting star

Seal skirt

Inverted butterfly



Partner plank

Butterfly wings


Candy can (spread out)

Witches broom (not spread out)

Double harness

Single leg harness

Double-bound dancer

Ankle wrap splits

Candlestick (stag, splits, seal, plow)

Floating mermaid

Inverted butterfly flip

Inverted plow stand

Up and over fish

Butterfly perch


Butterfly wing splits

Butterfly fish

Double-bound compass


Zig zag fish

Thready Georgia no twist

Double bound infinity flip

Georgia twist

Double heel hang

Single heel hang

Inverted seal stand

Double-bound inverted mermaid pigeon

Pot of gold

Georgia bat

Bat compass


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