Chase Feelings

What if, instead of chasing actions and outcomes, we chased feelings? How do I like to feel and how can I get more of that? Then we could create intentions based on those feelings and not just actions to do or not do. And what if we didn’t make intentions just once a year, but often every week, day, hour, minute, breath, moment. Every now is an opportunity for a new beginning with a simple transcend the given and create. 

So for this moment, and for the foreseeable nows, I want to feel love, adventure, and hope. 

I feel love when I connect with the world and people outside of myself. 

I feel adventure when I look at the world and ways to move through it with curiosity and intrigue. I feel hope when I recognize my self-worth and open myself up to receive as well as spread light. 

And it’s important to me that I’m chasing what I want more of and not just avoiding what I don’t. When we only focus on what we need and don’t have, we come from a place of lack. Instead, I focus on my core gifts and visualize ways those gifts will be received. 

It definitely took me some time to figure out how I like to feel. For me, I had to move away from the world and turn inward. Letting go of: how do most people like to feel, or how should I like to feel, but how do I like to feel? -What makes me feel alive? And who am I with when I experience such feelings of inspiration...How can I create more opportunities for that? - And often I don’t know until I try it, but I’m not afraid to be wrong. Sometimes you have to figure out what you don’t want to figure out what you do. I think I’m finally finding some clarity around it, and that alone gives me hope. 

What makes you feel alive? Write in the comments below. 


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