Come as You Are

I almost didn’t post this picture. I thought: Gross, you can see the wrinkles around my eyes...My hair is all stringy from sunscreen and saltwater...I’m 5 pounds heavier than I want to be...My sports bra is squeezing my back fat...On and on… But then I thought, NO! That’s dumb! I am trying to build a community of inclusivity where people feel comfortable to come as they are! I want people to know we are a community of non-judgement and we support each other through transformation! 

We all fluctuate in weight - we get injured, we go on vacation - and women often fluctuate 5 lbs around that time of the month! We don’t always have our make up on and our hair perfect, but it doesn’t matter!! As an instructor who teaches a lot of weird formats like yogic dance, aerial, weird transitions and made-up poses, I hear a lot of, “Well I can’t come to class because I’m not flexible or strong enough” or “Once I lose a few more pounds, I’ll come to try it”. But the whole point of coming to class is to show up! All you need is a brave spirit and an open heart, and you might just be surprised what you get out of it. Maybe you get strong, maybe you get flexible, but it’s not a prerequisite! In reality, the more room for growth, the more satisfying it’s going to be when you start to see yourself transform! 

So I encourage you all to post pics of yourself with no makeup, or all sweaty just after class with the hashtag #come_as_you_are

Let’s show the people who are intimidated to come to group classes that there is no need to be. That we welcome all shapes, sizes, orientations, genders with open arms! You are all beautiful, and if you come take my class I will tell you that every day! You are enough!


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