Hold Onto the Light

Happy Halloween!! Halloween is actually supposed to be one of the fun holidays for single people...unless you’re also sober, and not so happily single after getting your hopes up and being disappointed again. Does it ever feel to anyone else like life is a constant cycle of getting your hopes up and getting disappointed? I guess that’s kind of what dating IS. So how do we stay positive? Every time I go through a breakup, I know that the coming week is going to be a bit dark. I know I’m going to feel sad and I will try as hard as I can, but underneath, I just won’t feel my vibrant self. So this ‘pep talk’ is just as much for me as it is for you! 

People say “stay positive” all the time, and in some ways, it seems like a New Age-y trend - “Be the love”!  Sometimes it feels like, I have real problems to think about! Maybe once I figure out how to pay the rent, I’ll consider the luxury of positive thinking. - But here’s what I’ve discovered. I’ve gone through my share of dark times, and thinking positive is not a luxury, it is a necessity. See people ask me how I stay so positive, and that’s a choice I made a long time ago. Seeing the light was the key to pulling me out of dark times. Sometimes you can feel the darkness pulling on you, and your only option is to look for the light and move towards it. I have seen too many people get swallowed up by darkness, and I refuse. I choose light. 

We go through cycles of dark and light on the larger scale of our lives as a whole, and the smaller scale each decade, year, month, day, hour. So as we get older, what do we learn about darkness? Most of us don’t like talking about darkness, it makes us feel uneasy and strange. But knowing darkness comes, we might as well get to know it. What are its qualities, what does it feel like, how do you react? Observing myself in dark times and getting curious about it allows me to move through these stages with a level of positivity and hope for coming out the other side. 

Try thinking this next time you feel yourself approaching a dark time: “Hello darkness, my old friend. I have navigated through you before, and the way I did it was by holding onto the light. So while I acknowledge your presence and am familiar with the shadow you cast on my life, I choose not to focus on you or be consumed by you.” 

Personally, it’s a relief to know that every time I am given the choice of darkness or light, I choose light. I don’t ever have to think about that decision, because I know that for me, light is a guiding principle in my life. I will always see the spark no matter how small! This might sound crazy, but what if life is a constant test - can you choose the light over the dark? What if death is the ultimate test of - Can you still choose the light!!? Creepy maybe, but I figure if I’m going to blog about death and darkness, Halloween would be the day! 

So my conclusion to all this is that I am NOT going to give up hope on love. I believe love is just on the horizon for me and no amount of awful bumble dates is going to change my mind! LOL!! So my question for you….How do YOU hold onto the light??


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